Arcade Fire, Justin Bieber Win Big at Canada’s Juno Awards


Aracde Fire, who were big winners at the Grammys last month, turned out to also take home the most awards at the Juno’s in Canada. The group went home with 4 prizes including, best group, best album, alternative album (“The Suburbs”), best songwriter, and album of the year.

The spotlight wasn’t only on Arcade Fire though. Justin Bieber took home his first-ever trophies while the show’s host, Drake, was snubbed despite leading in nominations with six.

Bieber, overlooked at the Grammys, predictably won the fan choice Juno award — the only competition determined by ordinary fans — and best pop album (“My World 2.0). According to Billboard, the teen sensation who is on tour in Europe, sent a video message of thanks.

“I want to thank the fans so much for being so supportive, buying my albums and voting for me… All right — peace, Junos,” he said.

Bieber was outdone when Best Artist went to Neil Young. “I was 16 one time. He’s fantastic. He’s got some moves, doesn’t he?” Young said of Bieber.

What do y’all think of the Juno award recipients?! Did you watch the Juno’s?

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