YouTube Sensation Rebecca Black STILL Getting Attention


Who is Rebecca Black? Well if you haven’t seen her video or heard that awful song, you must not have the Internet. She is a 13-year old “singer” from Anaheim Hills, California who became a YouTube sensation practically overnight when the music video for her song “Friday” went viral on March 11. People think the popularity of the video started when comedian Tosh.0 wrote a blog post titled “Songwriting Isn’t For Everyone” where he makes fun of the song.

People and celebs who have heard it will agree, it’s pretty bad. The Jonas Brothers covered the song at the Concert for Hope a few days ago and everyone in the crowd sang along because the “get-stuck-in-your-head-lyrics” are rather catchy. Except for the part where Black sings the days of the week. Justin Bieber seemed to notice that part as he tweeted, “Sunday comes after Saturday? weird.” Biebs has taken some flack for “making fun of” the aspiring artist. Though Bieber hasn’t commented on the subject, it’s logical that he was just giving Black a shout-out of sorts since he obviously knows what she’s going through. Black has also admitted that she has a bad case of the “Bieber Fever” so I’m sure he wouldn’t make fun of a fan.

And guess what?! To date, Forbes estimates that Black and the ARK Music Factory, who produced the song, have received more than $1 million in revenue from iTunes and possibly 20,000 from YouTube’s Revenue Sharing Program. Say whaaat?! Let’s all just make horrible songs and get rich doing it. Sounds like a good idea to me!

What do you think of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”? Let us know in the jukebox!

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