Hidden Song Contest Winners!


Thanks to everyone that participated in the hidden song contest this week! There were three hidden songs:

  1. “Let It Rain” by David Nail
  2. “Wanna Take You Home” by Gloriana
  3. “What Are Words” by Chris Medina

Hope everyone had fun this week and liked the songs!

Those three lucky HitPredictor member’s that won 250 bonus points were: lauritahh72, nikky528, and now_waitaminute.

Let’s get ready for the next contest – we need your nominations!! Remember, if we use your song, whether it’s in the hidden song contest, or add it to the jukebox as a members’ pick just because we want to test whether it has hit potential, you will earn a 25-point reward! So, keeping that in mind, what do you think deserves some jukebox time? A new track from your favorite artist or something you heard on the radio? You can submit your suggestions on our Facebook page or e-mail hiddensong@hitpredictor.com.


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