‘Idol’ News: Ashton Jones Eliminated, Casey Abrams Hospitalized


The first elimination round of Fox’s hit show “American Idol” was held last night where only one person was booted off, but at the end of the show two people were missing from the group.

For once in Idol history, Seacrest did not make us wait until the end of the show to announce the, well, loser. At the beginning of the show, he called Jacob Lusk, Karen Rodriguez, and Stefano Langone as the bottom three. Then revealed that only Rodriguez was actually in the bottom 3. She took a seat on those lonely silver stools on the other side of the stage as Langone and Lusk went happily back to the rest of the group. Then Seacrest called Ashton Jones, Haley Reinhart, and Lauren Alaina into the bottom 3. After some Ford product placement and a video of the Idol contestants at the Red Riding Hood premiere, Ashton Jones was announced as the contestant to be eliminated with J.Lo saying “Not this time, baby, I’m sorry,” after a long exhale.

The only real surprise from last night’s episode came when Ryan Seacrest announced that Casey Abrams was in the hospital. “You’ll notice that Casey is missing from the group. He is unfortunately sick and in the hospital right now,” Seacrest said. “Wave to him. … We know you’re watching buddy, feel better — shout-out to the nurses. Get back here soon, OK?”

A spokesperson from Idol said that there was no further information of Abrams illness but the bass-playing singer did tweet about the situation after the show, writing “Hey guys, thanks for the well wishes, I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better. People at Idol & Cedars are treatin me real good.”

An unnamed “Idol” insider reportedly told the Hollywood Reporter that Abrams received two blood transfusions while in the hospital to treat a condition called ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory condition that affects the lining of the large intestine.

Earlier this season, on February 23, Abrams was rushed to the ER after complaining about stomach pains and almost missed the subsequent taping of the top-12 men’s performances, which potentially would have eliminated him from the competition before the finals according to MTV.

What did you think about last night’s episode of American Idol?! Did you miss Casey as much as I did? I hope he gets well soon :)

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