Matt Talks: Yellowcard


It’s been a long winter, and with spring on the way the scent of the beach is drifting through the air, and the sun seems brighter than ever. The summer is full of a certain youthful energy that permeates from coast to coast, and the second it hits, my ipod clicks to the sounds of carefree pop-punk from years past. One of the major bands on the list is Florida’s own Yellowcard.
Exploding into the mainstream music world with the release of “Ocean Avenue” in 2003, they quickly became the soundtrack to the sunny days of young adults everywhere. Honest lyrics and crunching power chords drove the hooks at breakneck speed, while the unique addition of a violin player added an unexpected and successful catch.
Two more albums followed, “Lights and Sounds,” and “Paper Walls.” Both presented a more mature song writing process, keeping the melodies and developing a sound that now defines the band. And now that sound is being refined for their upcoming album, “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes.”
I can say with complete confidence that this album will bring Yellowcard back into the spotlight. Two singles have been released, and both are instantly memorable. Check out the singles “For You, And Your Denial,” “Hang You Up,” plus the classics “Light up the Sky” and “Only One.” Let me know what you think in the jukebox!

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