Matt Talks: Circa Survive


Stage presence is always an important aspect for a band, and it’s usually the lead vocalist who crafts the atmosphere with their voice and actions. One such front-man is Anthony Green. A veteran in the music scene, he leads the group known as Circa Survive. Their latest released LP Blue Sky Noise has propelled them into the spotlight of the mass public.

When Anthony left Saosin in 2004, Circa Survive came to be. Initially releasing their first album Juturna in 2005, they quickly developed an underground following. Anthony’s unique voice was able to twist and turn with the melodic and dissonant riffs of the guitars, the driving bass, and pulsing drums. They released their second album “On Letting Go” in 2007, where it hit #24 on the Billboard 200.

Finally, the album Blue Sky Noise was released in 2010, and it was an immense record. Every song was unique, but flowed together to create an effortless journey into the minds of Circa Survive. Songs such as “Get Out” and “Imaginary Enemy” brought the hard rock hammer down on listener’s ears while “Frozen Creek” and “Spirit of the Stairwell” left them drifting down a melodic stream.

The band is certainly poised for greater things, and they continue to evolve their craft and explore new possibilities. All I can say is be on the watch for them in 2011. Check out the songs “The Difference Between Medicine,” “Stare Like You’ll Stay,” and “Frozen Creek” in the jukebox!

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