Let’s Hear It For The Guys on ‘American Idol’


Let’s hear it for the boys!

Last night the top 12 men performed songs of their own choosing.

There were a few stand outs in my opinion. Scotty McCreery sang “Letters From Home” (a song that can reduce me to tears in about two seconds) and I love his country angle. Jacob Lusk took on “A House Is Not a Home” (heard last season on Glee) and I thought his rendition was totally swoon worthy (J.Lo agrees). Stefano Langone sang Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are” and did not disappoint. Bruno Mars seems to be getting a lot of lovin’ from our idol contestants, we’ll see if we hear as many Mars’ tunes once the judges start picking the songs.

Now on to some of the ‘losers’ in my opinion… Robbie Rosen sang Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” (which mostly makes me think of those really sad Public Service Announcements about pet abuse and adoption) and I could not get in to this rendition and neither could the judges! Jordan Dorsey gave Ushers ‘OMG’ a try but left the judges disappointed. Its difficult to determine if I hated these performances cause I’m not crazy about the songs, or the singers…

But OH BOY! The ladies are up tonight! cant wait to hear what songs the gals pick!

What did you think of the guys of American Idol last night?! Who was your favorite?

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One thought on “Let’s Hear It For The Guys on ‘American Idol’

  1. James

    Am I the only one that really just doesn’t like Jacob Lusk? He’s just… too much. Too over the top with the runs and stylizing. I’m not impressed.

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