Matt Talks: Four Year Strong


I think it’s about time I show some local love, and what better way than with the phenomenal Four Year Strong. During High School, the local shows I attended held a certain energy and life to them. The bands were there to do what they loved, the kids were there to find a band that would help them through the troubles of adolescence, and it all formed a good time. One band stood out from the rest though. Their peculiar mix of hardcore/metalcore guitar riffs and pop-punk vocal melodies was something no one had ever heard before. I have to say, it was beautiful.
Their first album that received major attention was Rise Or Die Trying. It first took the Massachusetts scene by storm, and I witnessed the explosion first hand. This secret gem of a band slowly took over New England, then proceeded to conquer the rest of the states and even went worldwide. No one could have guessed. They rode their debut album for an astonishing four years, and still grew at an alarming rate. It all paid off when they signed to a major label, Universal Motown. My jaw fell to the floor when I heard the news.
They released their sophomore effort, Enemy of the World, in 2010. It continued the success and expanded their sound with excellent production and catchier hooks. I’m not sure what’s next for Four Year Strong. Currently in the studio recording their newest album, I can only hope for the best. They will always be hometown and personal heroes, and will always be remembered.

Check out the songs “Heroes Get Remembered (Legends Never Die),” “Find My Way Back,” and “Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)” in the jukebox and let me know what you think!

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