Eminem Achieves 1 Billion YouTube Views


Eminem joins the 1 Billion view on YouTube club. That’s right, ONE BILLION! According to FameCount.com, Eminem reached 1,000,163,659 on Monday (Feb. 21). The only others in the elite “club” are Justin Bieber with 1.3 billion views and Lady Gaga with 1.189 billion.

Famecount.com, a social media fame tracking company, also reports that Eminem is also on track to “dethrone Lady Gaga” as Facebook’s top living celebrity.

Billboard reports on a statement from Daniel Dearlove, founder of Famecount, who said, “at Famecount, we have watched Eminem’s social media fame explode over the last 6 months. Eminem is only the third star in history to achieve 1 billion YouTube views, while on Facebook Eminem looks on course to take the top spot.”

Although, Eminem may not be the newest title holder in a few weeks when his “Love The Way You Lie” partner Rihanna is set to hit the mark of 1 billion views on YouTube also.

Isn’t that amazing?! It makes me think about how many people are sitting at their computers watching YouTube right now :)

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