Hidden Song Contest Going On NOW!


The hidden song contest is going on NOW. I’m so excited, aren’t you?!

Here’s how to play: Go to your jukebox and listen to the songs, if you hear any from this list then report them to me by tweeting @hitpredictor or sending an email to hiddensong@hitpredictor.com. In the tweet/email, you need to include the track title and artist AND your HitPredictor username. You cannot just copy and paste the link you see when you are listening to the song, by the way. Once you the contest is over on Thursday, February 24 at 3pm EST, I will assign you 25 points for every song you correctly reported. I can’t give you points without your username, so that’s a pretty important part :)

Now that the nitty-gritty is over, here are the songs:

City and Colour “The Northern Wind”
City and Colour “The Girl”
The Daylights “You Are”
Kingpen Slim feat. Emanny “Goosebumps”
Wilco “How to Fight Loneliness”
The Constellations “Felicity”
Bruno Mars “Count on Me”
JRA “You and I”
Reba McEntire “A Little Want To”
“Count on Me” by Bei Maejor
Little O “Be My Valentine”
2AM Club “Worry About You”
2AM Club “Let Me Down Easy”
Death Cab For Cutie “You’re A Tourist”
Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors “Fire and Dynamite”
JJ Heller “What Love Really Means”
Kyle Park “The Heart of You”

Ok, there you are… now starting reporting those songs because you only have until Thursday, February 24 at 3pm EST!

Hear New Music First – HP


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