Matt Talks: Bayside


Long Island, New York has been a breeding ground for talented artists who aim to make a mark on the music scene. Four albums deep, Bayside has done just that. Formed in 2000, their display of introspective lyrics, pounding power chords, and ripping leads took the scene by storm. Led by the unique voice of Anthony Raneri, his depressed tone echoes of pain and loss. You can hear the honesty bleeding through. Those factors connected them to a legion of fans within various age groups, with the largest percent being in their teens and twenties. To be honest, Bayside has meant a lot to me and has been rotating in my playlist for all these years.

Gaining success with each consecutive album, they found hits with songs such as “Duality”, “Devotion and Desire”, and from the latest album to be released called Killing Time, “Sick, Sick, Sick.” Hopefully this new single will lead them to the radio charts, because it really is a crime to ignore everything this great band puts out.

So check out Bayside in the jukebox, and let me know what you think! Trust me when I say, this band is a gem that can’t be ignored.

Hear New Music First – HP


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