Katy Perry Dedicates Grammy Performance to “Valentine’s Lovers”


The 53rd annual Grammy awards aired last night on CBS. There are so many highlights from the show that I will be talking about throughout the day, but it’s Valentine’s Day so I would like to start the day off with a girl, who’s in love with love. That’s Katy Perry!

Last night, her performance was partly dedicated to her new husband, Russell Brand. Perry crooned “Not Like The Movies” while sitting on the swing that you see in the picture above. There was a pink curtain that rose to the ceiling as Perry did and photos and videos from Perry and Brand’s wedding in India showed in the background. As the tuned changed, Perry jumped off the swing and onto the stage saying she dedicates this one to “all the Valentine’s lovers.” She sang “Teenage Dream” as her dancers jammed in neon conversation heart costumes. Perry also joined in on the dancing as she finished the performance.

Perry was nominated for several awards but sadly she didn’t win anything. She held a news conference on Facebook Live saying that she was bringing her Grammy to the Grammys so even if she did not win an actual award, she would still have a Grammy with her. As the nominees for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance were announced, the camera panned to Katy, her Grammy, and Russell sitting in the crowd, proving that she already had the best Grammy with her.


I picked Katy’s performance as one of my favorites because she dedicated it to love and I’m in love with being in love too! I will tell you my favorite “wow” performance later today. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

What was your favorite performance from the Grammys?

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