Heartbreaks and Happiness from Hollywood on ‘Idol’


Last night kicked off Hollywood week on our favorite show, American Idol! 324 contestants (twice as many as last year) tried their best to wow the judges.

A few contestants with my favorite personal stories made it through fast. Chris Medina, Paris Tassin, and James Durbin, and Brett Loewenstern are all in!

Nick and Jacqueline who billed themselves as an ‘Idol Power couple’ (whatever that means?!) were split apart when Nick was given the boot. Upholding my prediction that this season is all about the kids, Jacee Badeaux (15 years old) is in… but Victoria Huggins (17 years old is out). Stormi Henley, 2009 Miss Teen USA got the boot for her lack luster singing (take note that the Miss Teen USA pageant does NOT have a talent portion)… but she sure was pretty! Other losers included Travis Orlando and Steve Beghun.

It was a tough night in Hollywood, but honestly it’s too early for me to get attached to any one person.

Next week are the group performances. Not always a popular round, but in light of the new FOX hit Glee, maybe we’ll see some improvement?! I’ll never forget when Kimberley Locke and Frenchie Davis wowed with ‘Band of Gold’ during season 5 at the Hollywood round! Both made it through!

I hope to see some similarly amazing talent!!

Did one of your favorites have to go?

Hear New Music First – HP


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