Feature Band Friday: The Blue Pages


For my feature band post this week, I present to you: The Blue Pages! From left to right, meet Dave Rublin on Bass, Matt Sanchez on drums, James Adam Shelley on guitar, and Zac Barnett with vocals.

I interviewed the boys after getting wind that they were a seriously good band to watch out for in 2011. They have already been in several publications and picked as one of “Clear Channel’s New Artist to Watch.” The Blue Pages will be playing SXSW in Austin, TX. on March 17 at The Audrey House and Momo’s Club on March 20. “See you at the BBQ,” they say.

Check out the exclusive interview below.

1. How did The Blue Pages form and when? Zac was the president of the Berklee College of Music songwriting club in the winter of 2007 and was approached by James after a meeting one night. He asked if I would listen to a few of his songs and we ended up trading ideas back and fourth, and were eventually learning each other’s material. I would sing his melodies and he would play riffs over my tunes. We became inseparable and within only a week, we had written enough songs to put an EP together. I had known Matt from other projects and Dave was in a couple of our classes.

2. What does the name of the band come from? The book we used to write lyrics on when we first started had light blue pages.

3. Your website says you’ve done two U.S. tours already, Tell me about that experience. Our U.S tours were some of the best times we’ve had as a band. It was great to experience as it is for any band, close quarter living. Waking up and traveling for 9 or so hours from venue to venue with your closest friends. It was also great to meet so many talented and fun people along the way.

4. Do y’all collectively sit down and write your songs? Yes it’s all a collaborative process for us.

5. What type of music do y’all listen to? Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Bloc Party, U2, Mike Snow.

6. What inspires you? What inspires us, is life. The world we live in, experiences we’ve had, people we’ve met, people we’ve lost and memories we can’t wait to make.

7. What are your future plans/goals? We want to do what we are doing now but on a greater level, write great songs, write great records, and play them on the road.

Y’all can pick up the album, Anthropology, at www.thebluepagesmusic.bandcamp.com and remember half the proceeds go to the charity Education Through Music.

We also have FIVE of their songs in the jukebox right now for y’all. Go check them out because they are seriously awesome. And all you SXSW festival goers, remember The Blue Pages are playing at The Audrey House on the 17th and Momo’s Club on the 20th.

I want to give a special thank you to The Blue Pages for answering my questions and to their manager Rachel for getting all this together. Thank you all!

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