American Idol Auditions from San Francisco


Hey idol fans!

Tonight the audition rounds continued (does anyone else feel like this is going on forever!). San Fran is the last audition city, and next we’ll move on to the Hollywood round!

Things sure started off rough… One of the first losers up was Inessa Lee. She describes herself as the next Shakira. She makes her own YouTube videos (complete with special effects!) but she was an almost instant no (for me and the judges).

Next notable singer was Stefano Langone. Lagone was in a really nasty car accident that left him with some scars, but once he started belting his rendition of “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” his beautiful soulful voice shined through! Karaoke bar host Clint Jun Gamboa dazzled the judges with his performance of Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire” (but I still think the Glee cover by Chord Overstreet is my fave).  The judges raved over Gamboa, who grew up singing gospel. Julie Zorrilla (who initial attracts J.Los attention for wearing killer shoes) blows the judges away with her rendition of “Summertime,” and for once I was interested in her ‘human interest “back-story.”

This round of course had its share of ‘eccentric personalities’, like Drew Beaumier, who made a big splash by showing up in a homemade transformers costume. The costume was kind of awesome, but his singing was not! Maybe he has a future in the movies, but NOT on Idol!

Coming next: Hollywood week! And not a moment to soon y’all!

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One thought on “American Idol Auditions from San Francisco

  1. Rock Music Chick

    I liked the last guy James Durbin but not cuz his story. Although it did hit home cuz I have a lil cousin with Turettes. He was one the best guys last night. The only things I hate is that ppl are saying he reminds them of Adam Lambert and I think its just cuz what he wore to audition and ppl sayin oh he only got to go to hollywood cuz his story.

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