Lady Gaga Reveals Cover Art for ‘Born This Way’


Yesterday afternoon, Lady Gaga revealed the cover art for her highly anticipated single, “Born This Way,” which is set to release in three days, or “trois jours,” as she sweetly tweeted in French with the picture.

The shot has a topless Gaga with a very elaborate tattoo on her left shoulder. Though she isn’t wearing much, her make-up is anything but minimal. Her thick, cat-like eyeshadow, wild hair, and pointy protrusions coming from her forehead, cheekbone, and shoulder. The protrusions have been a bit controversial with people thinking that was her shoulder bone. That’s not true, but we have heard that these points are a tribute to Gaga’s late friend and famed fashion designer, Alexander McQueen. His models were constantly seen with protrusions coming from their bodies as they modeled McQueen’s clothing.

What do you think of the cover art for “Born This Way?”

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