Rihanna’s “S&M” Renamed by BBC Radio – Again


On Sunday, Feb. 6 when BBC Radio 1 unveiled the newest edition of the U.K.’s Top 40 singles charts, Rihanna fans and, eventually Rihanna herself, noticed something different about her single “S&M” which debuted at No. 20. It would be pretty hard for anyone to NOT notice actually, because it’s the name that is different. BBC Radio re-titled the song to “Come On” claiming that the track is too sexual for daytime audiences. Rihanna, whom was not notified of the change, was pretty unhappy when she found out. RiRi took to twitter to express her displeasure vowed that she would get to the bottom of who was behind the switch.

MTV reports that no one knows who made the decision to change the title. “On Monday, MTV News contacted the British-based Official Charts Company — responsible for compiling the weekly U.K. Top 40 — a spokesperson for the organization told [them] that she wasn’t even aware of the change but added that, on the OCC’s version of the chart, the song’s title remained unchanged.”

The attention then shifted to the BBC. Finally Monday, a representative for the broadcaster finally spoke up, telling England’s Metro newspaper that it was actually Rihanna’s label, Island Def Jam, that was behind not only the “S&M” name change, but an edited version of the song, which eliminates all mentions of “sex,” “chains” and “whips.”

“During daytime hours, as younger audiences are listening, we are playing the radio edit, which is called ‘Come On,’ ” the BBC spokesperson said. “However, we will continue to play the original track in specialist shows with an appropriate introduction. … It is common practice to play radio edits of certain tracks in daytime.”

The controversy seemed to be over until last night – when the song titled was changed AGAIN by BBC Radio! It now appears on their version of the Top 40 as “S&M (Come On).”

What do you think of the controversy over “S&M’s” sexual content? Should songs be edited during the day when kids may be listening?

What do y’all think? Let’s discuss it below.

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