Super Bowl Sunday: Music Review


I thought I would do a special Sunday night post just because of the Super Bowl and all the music that surrounds the event. The Black Eyed Peas just got finished performing during halftime of the big game. Usher and Slash confirmed rumors of being surprise guests by also making appearances.

The Peas did snippets of their songs “Where Is The Love,” “Boom Boom Pow,” “Pump It,” and “Let’s Get It Started.” Fergie then joined Slash, guitarist from Guns n Roses, Slash, for a rendition of “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Fergie did her best Axl Rose impression while singing the famous lyrics, and although I think her voice sounded a bit rough. They did prove that the group was performing their own vocals, which does not happen often in huge performances such as the Super Bowl, so I do applaud them for that. Usher also rocked the house with his smooth dance moves and pristine white performing his “O.M.G.”

Before the game, Lea Michele, from “Glee” sang “America The Beautiful” and it was, in fact, beautiful. Christina Aguilera then took the stage for the National Anthem. I could have done without X-tina’s butchering of the song that represent’s our country. The almost minute long tune, was turned into twice that length with Aguilera drawing out every note way longer than appropriate. To me, it was more yelling than singing and her voice sounded very rough when she tried to belt out the end. She was hardly drowned out by the jets soaring overhead, barely. Was it just me?

Way before the game started, in Tailgate central, the Super Bowl had set Keith Urban and Maroon 5 to perform. Both guys made great performances. Urban performed his hit “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” and a new song from his just-released album, Get Closer, entitled “You Gonna Fly.” I thought both were perfectly sung tunes and Urban had just the right amount of excitement saying to the crowd, “We’re at the Super Bowl, Baby!”

Adam Levine, and the guys from Maroon 5, sung “Misery” and “Never Gonna Leave This Bed,” both from their newest album, Hands All Over. Some says that Levine’s voice is too high and feminine but I thought they did a nice job and the crowd was definitely into it.

Over all, I liked the Super Bowl performances. Critics are claiming that the Black Eyed Peas didn’t really sing and it wasn’t that musically talented, but it was a production, with the Peas in lighted space suits. If you look at it from a performance stand point, they definitely did that. And that’s what it was meant to be.

What did you think of the Super Bowl performances?

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4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday: Music Review

  1. Rock Music Chick

    Fergie sounded like a tortured whale during the BEPs halftime performance. She slaughtered “Sweet Child Of Mine”. Only thing that was worth watching was slash on stage. I didn’t catch any the performance from before SuperBowl got under way. I don’t like football. I do usally turn the channel to watch the half time show but i really wish i hadnt this yr.

  2. melissa

    I thought Keith Urban was great, didnt watch Maroon 5, and The Black Eyed Peas stunk! I have seen them in concert, so I know they can do better than that tragedy yesterday!

  3. sue

    Keith Urban was really great, my favorite. Maroon 5 did great as well. Aguilera had very poor vocals, and seemed to have done no rehearsing. Leah Michelle was fine. Black-eyed Peas and the rest-well, I was disappointed. It wasn’t awful, it came across as not heavily rehearsed, especially Fergie, and I am a fan of hers, she has a great voice! Her vocals just weren’t as good as I have seen previously both for her parts and her blending with the band. We all have bad days, and overall I enjoyed the all the live music.

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