Perfect “American Idol” from Los Angeles


I hope all of you watched American Idol last night. It was the perfect mixture of odd balls and awesome singers, with no sappy moments in between. I think the American Idol producers heard me when I wrote yesterday that I just wanted to singing because that’s what I got! I’m sure they didn’t read it, but y’all know what I’m saying, right?!

The auditions last night were in Los Angeles, CA and the judges seem to think the city had a lot to do with the type of auditions they saw last night.

My favorite, and obviously’s J.Lo’s too, was Tim Halperin. 23-year-old Tim said that he discovered his love for J.Lo back in the fifth grade, which Steven and Randy playfully joked about how old she must be now. Her comeback just made America love her more when she flirted, “I’m young enough for you.”

I also loved the Gutierrez brothers. They looked to be dressed in costumes more than actual clothes, with matching cigarette pants and scarves. Their attire, however, was all but forgotten after you heard their voices. The boys rendition of “Stand by Me” was “god-like” said judge, Steven Tyler. Rolling Stones asks of the brothers, “That feeling, America? That’s two new people eying your hearts.”

I thought it was one of the best audition shows that ‘Idol’ has put on in a while. What did y’all think? Who were your favorites?

Hear New Music First – HP

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