All Guy Member’s Picks Make a Nice Contrast


This week we had an all girl artist line up for our Hidden Song Contest. Well it just so happens, that we have all male artists for our member’s picks. It’s the little things in life that entertain me people, and this is one of those, haha!

Anywho, here are your member’s picks for this week:

1. Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” – This track comes from West’s new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, for which the album artwork is above.

2. Tinie Tempah’s “Pass Out” – Tempah’s, widely unknown in the states, is a rapper from South London, and trying to make his American debut with his album Disc-Overy which will be released on May 3. The record was already a No. 1 upon it’s release in his home country, Britain. Let us know what you think of “Pass Out.”

3. “Death of Me” by Tony Lucca – Lucca came from the Mickey Mouse club but didn’t go the route of stardom. He wanted something different so he sold his first two records on his own website and then was picked up by Rock Ridge Music. His sixth studio album Renedevous with Angels is out now. This track, however, is on one of his past records, and the member who nominated it heard it on a TV show. Lucca’s music has been featured on too many TV shows to even name here so that’s most likely where you’ve heard him. Go to his website to check out more about Tony Lucca.

I absolutely love that y’all nominate your favorite songs so that I can put them up for the worls to hear, so keep it up!! Tweet @hitpredictor or email with your picks!

Hear New Music First – HP


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