Matt Talks: Lights


I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for smart, self written pop music. Especially when it’s performed by an artist like LIGHTS. A native of Canada, her synthpop has garnered fans from the United States, Europe, and more. I first discovered her a few years ago, and her personal style really blew me away. It’s that kind of sound that you feel was born in her head as she was sitting in her bedroom, straight from her heart, and recorded on the spot. Her voice is light and airy, full of youthful energy and instantly calming.
On her debut album The Listening, LIGHTS introduced thirteen songs of catchy hooks and spacey synths, led by the lead single “Saviour.” More success was found on Warped Tour, introducing her to fans in every state. She followed up The Listening with an acoustic EP simply titled Acoustic. This album provided listeners with her singles in their stripped down skeletons, and showcased her real vocal/guitar talent. The road ahead looks bright for LIGHTS, as her new single “My Boots” has received positive reception from fans and a new album is set to be released this spring. Check out the songs “February Air (Acoustic),”  “Drive My Soul,” and “Saviour” in the jukebox, and let me know what you think!

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