Happy Groundhog Day! Luckily, It’s an Early Spring!


Today is Groundhog’s Day, and this is Staten Island Chuck, assisted by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Every year people watch as Chuck emerges from his burrow and looks around. Did he see his shadow or not?!

Folklore has it that if Chuck does not see his shadow, winter weather will start to decrease in severity over the next six weeks. However, if Chuck does see his shadow, he will recede into his burrow and it’s another six more miserable weeks of winter.

Well… Lucky for us Chuck did NOT see his shadow! Welcome Spring! We ALL want you to come, very very soon. I live in New Orleans so I feel real sorry for all you Northerns and I’m sure y’all would be thankful to have my 30 degree weather, but I’m freezing my tail off!!

So be thankful for Staten Island Chuck today because Spring is coming!

Do you believe the old wives’ tale of Groundhog’s Day? Do you think Spring is upon us? Tell in the comments!!

Hear New Music First – HP


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