Get real with Samantha Darnell


A couple of months ago we stumbled across Samantha Darnell, a singer/songwriter from a small town in Maryland. But don’t let the small town bit fool you – this girl is a powerhouse of emotion that simply radiates from her music. A natural-born performer, Samantha began singing at the age of 3 and writing songs at the age of 7. Influenced by her real-life experiences, Sam points out that in her writing “I would never bullshit…” saying the passion and inspiration from her experiences is as much a part of the music as the lyrics themselves.

We finally were able to lock in an interview with Sam to learn more about the influences behind her wonderful and unique blend of vintage and modern. It’s clear Sam has an incredible amount of talent, which is why we want to introduce you to her in our interview below, and then ask you to check out three of her tracks featured in the HitPredictor jukebox right now. We have “Butterflies Don’t Lie,” “Don’t Say You Love Me,” and “Summer Boys” ready for you to rate – we want to see if you think these tracks are ready for the radio and if Sam has the potential to sign a record deal, so have a listen and tell us!

Samantha Darnell Interview

Please describe your music style a bit – tell us who you are inspired and/or influenced by?
I’m very much inspired by anything from the 20’s-50’s time period.  So, I wanted to mix my vintage influences with my modern influences and, naturally, I think my music really captured that and is part of what makes me different from everything out there today!

Where are you from – can you give us a brief bio? (Is your fan base local, or are you finding a wider audience online?)
I’m from a very small town called Street, Maryland.  And yes, it’s real!  Haha.  No one believes me when I tell them, haha.  It’s on the MD/PA/Mason-Dixon line and I’m surrounded by nothing but trees and a few farm animals.  It’s very peaceful and pretty, but far from town, which can get frustrating.  I’ve lived here all my life.  The only move I’ve made was from a trailer five minutes down the road to the house we live in now when I was about 5 years old.  And as far as a fan base goes, I have a local fan base who have been amazingly dedicated and have continued to support me from the many bands I’ve been in throughout the years, but I have yet to play a show as a solo artist, so for this project, my fan (or as I call them, my frans, hehe) base is definitely much bigger online!  The love is overwhelmingly awesome and I’m grateful for everyone’s help each and every day!

How long have you been performing?
I’ve been singing since age 3, writing songs since 7, performing on stage since 9, making albums since 14 and fronting bands since 17.  Sooo, a total of 21 years.  Damn!  Never did that math before, haha.

When writing your music, what do you draw inspiration from? Real-life situations? Totally made up?
Real life.  Unless it’s a dream or fantasy I personally had.  I love the imagination and have a huge one at that and it’s a big part of my art.  But, I would never just make something up or sing someone else’s experiences unless I personally knew them and it inspired me or I related or felt passionate about it.  I would never bullshit.  I don’t know how people sing other people’s songs, honestly.  Guess that’s the songwriter in me.

Are you looking to sign a record deal or do you want to release music independently?
I want a record deal.  It’s a dream of mine that I’ve had from the very beginning.  But, I want one that is worth it.  I wouldn’t sign one just to say that I have one.  I’d be smart about it, of course.  Until then, I’ll be an independent woman ;)!

Please pick a song from your set list to go in-depth about (a “single” if you will), and talk about the lyrics, inspiration, etc.
Hmmm… Well, we have yet to determine which song will be considered “the single” but, I’d have to say, I see potential in ‘Butterflies Don’t Lie’.  The lyrics are pretty straight forward and blunt.  It’s about new potential love.  About that feeling that you get when you first meet someone who completely consumes you.  In the song, it says “I can’t fight, I can’t deny.  Darling, these butterflies don’t lie”.  You can try to shake a person all you want, but when your tummy starts doing all those flip-flops, you know you’ve got it bad and there’s really no turning back, haha.  It’s the best/scariest feeling in the world.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
No.  This is my life.

Where can people catch a live performance?
I will be performing up and down the East Coast for sure, starting in January 2011, so be sure to check for dates on my MySpace and come to a show!  Can’t wait to jam with all of you :)!

Where can people look you up online?
AIM: SamDarnellsays


3 thoughts on “Get real with Samantha Darnell

  1. Daniel de Culla

    I adore Samantha Darnell. I enjoy to look at her vivid Pics and hear her Music, a Ballad to our favourite dreams. In short, a Woman Singer I/we want to meet like to dream about.

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