Prepare to be wowed by Future Relative


What do you get when you blend rock, electronic and dance music? How about a little pop-ish magic called Future Relative?! This unsigned group has been described as having music that is “just too irresistibly catchy to not spread the word to others.” Future Relative started as the brainchild of Armand Aviram who soon realized his personal vision of creating a top notch live show required more hands on deck. Adding two members to the group – Lex Sadler and Nic Coolidge – has this Brooklyn-based trio ready to rock and grab your attention with their super hype live show.

The group’s eclectic sound comes from a variety of inspirations, largely based on other bands that similarly give performances full of high energy and visuals. Bands as diverse as Bjork to Dragonette to Deadmau5 and Seal are in the mix with Linkin Park and Jamiroquai as individual favorites for these three artists who all grew up listening to classical.

Future Relative has already released one EP called “Fantasies” and is hard at work on new material for another. We have two of their tracks in the jukebox ready for you to rate including the new single “X-Ray Vision” and “Monday Morning.” So keep reading all about this high energy group to learn more about their vision (and upcoming show Nov. 5 at Bowery Electric in NYC!) and then have a listen and let us know what you think of their sound. Do you think Future Relative deserves a record contract?

Future Relative Interview

How would you define your music?
In broad terms I would say it’s pop music, but within that genre it’s a blend of Rock with Electronica and Dance.

How did you come to form Future Relative?
I started the project on my own, maybe in the way Trent Reznor started Nine Inch Nails on his own, but when it came to start playing shows I soon realized I wanted to create a more collaborative effort with other musicians.  Lex Sadler plays Bass/Synth and Nic Coolidge is Future Relative’s glue – a DJ, guitar player, and whatever the music needs him to be in a live setting.

Where is home base for Future Relative? Are you originally from the area? What’s the music scene like there – supportive of your type of music, or do you travel a lot to play shows?
We’re based in Brooklyn.  We’re still trying to find other artists or bands that are similar to us.  When you’re first starting out you get booked on shows that don’t necessarily make sense for what you’re doing.  Ideally we’d love to perform in more dance-oriented clubs, rather than your standard rock venue.  We’re really trying to emphasize the visual aspect of our show and we want to fill our stage with lights and stimulate the audience with ear and eye candy simultaneously.  It’s difficult at the moment because we haven’t played enough shows to headline our own shows, but when we get there the crowd will know it’s going to be a spectacle.

Who or what would you say your artistic influences and/or inspirations are as a band?
It’s pretty diverse, we all have backgrounds in different styles and we’re very open-minded.  Right now I’m inspired by bands that really know how to put on a show and entertain the crowd with great songs, great energy, and great visuals.  There’s some incredible electronic artists like Deadmau5, bands like Dragonette and Chromeo that are just killin’ it out there.  Watching them inspires us to continue stepping up our game on a smaller scale.  My taste is across the board, I’ve been listening to the new Linkin Park album non-stop and I think it’s the record of the year.  In the studio we listen to everything from Bjork, to Jamiroquai.  I think the 3 of us grew up on all the classic stuff, but there is just so much incredible music out there that I can find inspiration in any genre.

Do you write your own lyrics and music? If so, what influences you in the writing process?
For the EP “Fantasies” I wrote all the lyrics and music, but we’re currently working on new material together as a trio.  It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly the process is like, and I’ve actually been feeling like maybe I need to switch it up a bit.  I usually wait until some kind of spark hits me, either a lyric, song title, musical phrase, or it might be something that I’m going through and I just need to let it out.  I’ll try to flesh out a demo, show it to the guys, show it to a friend, figure out if it’s any good and go from there.  But it’s an interesting question to answer at the moment because I’ve been feeling like I need to experiment, get out of my comfort zone and try writing in different ways.

Tell us about your new single “X-Ray Vision” – what was the inspiration?
X-Ray Vision was really the first song I’ve written that was a sign to me that I was capable of creating poppier, more mainstream music.  I just wanted a song that was going to make people dance, jump, and rock all at the same time.  Lyrically the song is about seeing someone naked for the first time, physically and spiritually.  Simple, right?   When we do the song live it’s a bit of an explosion and it’s always fun.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
Right now the main focus is our live show.  We really want to build a strong following in New York so we can grab some attention.  There’s a huge sea of bands and artists, but I think our live show is what’s going to help set us apart.  There are only 5 songs on the EP, so we’ve been trying out new material at all our new shows, gauging the crowd’s reaction so when it’s time to record again we’ll know which songs are best.  But our No. 1 priority is to create a buzz with our live presence.

Where can people catch a live performance?
The next show is Friday, November 5th at Bowery Electric in NYC, 8:30PM.  More shows in the winter, people can join the mailing list on our MySpace page (, follow on Twitter (!/futurerelative) or become a fan on Facebook (

Members request Taylor Swift, Far East Movement, Jessie James & more!


Thanks to all the excellent nominations AGAIN this week, we have some new tracks we just uploaded into the jukebox this morning, because we think our members may have some great ideas on new tracks with big hit potential! Among the artists we want your feedback on are Taylor Swift, Blaine Larsen, Far East Movement, Jessie James, and Hollowick. So check these tracks out and let us know whether you think any of these picks from our members have hit potential!

Taylor Swift is on a tear with single releases from her upcoming album Speak Now, which drops on Monday! “Back To December” is the title of her most recent, and fourth single, and was nominated by HitPredictor member xvintagehearts for the jukebox. This single, unlike her previous three, is a track in which Swift asks for forgiveness, and doesn’t take the aggressive position she had with her earlier releases. Swift herself even admitted that the song revealed a shift in her songwriting saying “it addresses a first for me in that I’ve never apologized in song…the person I wrote this song about deserves this.” Do you like this change of position for Swift? Do you think it has resulted in a song that has hit potential?

Blaine Larsen recently released a new single called “Leavin” which HitPredictor member bunky123 thinks deserves some exposure in the jukebox. In this track Larsen tells the story of leaving an old life to start a new one – getting out and as far away as possible to begin anew. So have a listen and let us know if you think “Leavin” should be in fact “staying” in rotation at radio stations and getting more airplay!

Far East Movement’s new single “Rocketeer” has a much different sound than their current electro hit “Like a G6” thanks to the assistance of Ryan Tedder on the piano and live-sounding instrumentation. This track, nominated by HitPredictor member mangofreako has a much more mellow sound and is contemplative, unlike the group’s current top 10 hit “Like a G6.” So, do you think it can be a hit just like its predecessor?

Singer Jessie James recently released a new single called “Dear John” from her upcoming second studio album Daughter of a Gypsy. This will be James’ transition from pop to country that she excitedly announced back in August. This track, nominated by xvintagehearts, is rumored to be dedicated to John Mayer. Do you like James better as a country singer? Do you think this song has the potential to be a hit and will help her transition away from pop music?

HitPredictor member Rockmusicchick is a big fan of the rock band Hollowick. So when the guys released a new single “There Goes Another One” she made sure to submit it right away! We want to know if you think this new track has hit potential, so check it out and let us know with your vote!

Check all of these tracks out in your HitPredictor jukebox now and let us know whether you think any of our members’ picks are potential hits!

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What’s new? Check out upcoming releases here!


Here is this week’s update to our ongoing running tally of upcoming album releases!

This list includes albums that are slated to come out within the next few months.

If you’ve got your eye on an album you know of that’s coming out soon let us know! Post it in the comments below and we’ll get it added to the list!

We want this to serve as a useful resource to you so if there’s anything else you’d like to see added just let us know, we want to help YOU discover new music :)

Upcoming releases:
Oct. 25, Taylor Swift “Speak Now”
Nov. 1, Jamiroquai “Rock Dust Light Star”
Nov. 1, Weezer “Death to False Metal”
Nov. 2, Good Charlotte “Cardiology”
Nov. 2, Brad Paisley “Hits Alive” (2 CDs)
Nov. 2, Matt & Kim “Sidewalks”
Nov. 2, Jason Aldean “My Kinda Party”
Nov. 2, Mariah Carey “Merry Christmas II You”
Nov. 2, Neil Diamond “Dreams”
Nov. 2, Elvis Costello “National Ransom”
Nov. 2, N.E.R.D., “Nothing”
Nov. 2, Pitbull, “Armando”
Nov. 9, Jason Castro “Who I Am”
Nov. 9, Anoop Desai “All Is Fair 2.0”
Nov. 9, Reba McEntire “All The Women I Am”
Nov. 9, Susan Boyle “The Gift”
Nov. 9, Marsha Ambrosius “Late Night & Early Mornings”
Nov. 9, Julianne Hough TBA
Nov. 9, Kid Cudi “Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager”
Nov. 9, Cee Lo Green “The Lady Killer”
Nov. 9, Aaron Neville, “I Know I’ve Been Changed,”
Nov. 16, Rascal Flatts “Nothing Like This”
Nov. 16, Keith Urban “Get Closer”
Nov. 16, Rihanna “Loud”
Nov. 16, Nelly “5.0”
Nov. 16, Josh Groban “Illuminations”
Nov. 16, Pink “Greatest Hits…So Far!”
Nov. 16 Norah Jones “…Featuring Norah Jones [collection of collaborations]”
Nov. 16 Kid Rock “Born Free”
Nov. 16 Bruce Springsteen “The Promise”
Nov. 16 Annie Lennox “A Christmas Cornucopia”
Nov. 16, Lee DeWyze “Live It Up”
Nov. 22, Ke$ha “Cannibal”
Nov. 22, Kanye West “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”
Nov. 22, My Chemical Romance “Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys”
Nov. 23, Ne-Yo “Libra Scale”
Nov. 23 Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday”
Nov. 23 Akon “Akonic”
Nov. 30, Fefe Dobson “Joy”
Nov. 30, Soulja Boy “The DeAndre Way”
Dec. 7, Plain White T’s “Wonders of the Younger”
Dec. 7, Redman “Reggie”
Dec. 7, Duffy “Endlessly”
Dec. 14, Crystal Bowersox TBA
Dec. 31, Kimberly Caldwell “Without Regret”
January, 2011, Jessie James, “Daughter of a Gypsy”

TBA, Jo Dee Messina “Unmistakable: Drive”
TBA, Josh Gracin “She’s A Different Kind Of Crazy”
TBA, Natasha Bedingfield “Strip Me”
TBA, Bucky Covington “I’m Alright”
TBA, Jesse McCartney, “Have It All”
TBA, Kelly Rowland, TBA

Which album are you most looking forward to? And more importantly what should we add to the list?

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Happy 20th Pearl Jam! Band to celebrate with launch of Sirius XM radio station.


Today, Friday Oct. 22, is Pearl Jam’s 20th birthday. (Happy Birthday Pearl Jam!)

Billboard reports the band will be celebrating with the launch of its own Sirius XM radio station that will be solely devoted to their enormous catalog of live, studio, and unreleased material.

Pearl Jam Radio will be on Sirius channel 17 and XM channel 39, and will officially launch at 6 p.m. Eastern today with a broadcast of the band’s 10th anniversary show from Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Arena held on Oct. 22, 2000.

Billboard reports the new station will play – for the first time on radio – the band’s very first performance at Seattle’s Off Ramp Cafe, which took place after Eddie Vedder flew north from San Diego to join the band being formed by Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, and Mike McCready.

Less than a year after their initial performance together Pearl Jam released Ten, which has gone on to become a certified 13-times Platinum album. Pearl Jam’s most recent album is its ninth studio effort called Backspacer, which was released in 2009.

Billboard reports Pearl Jam will continue its birthday celebration at Neil Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit Oct. 23 and 24, which will also feature performances by Young (of course), Elton John, Leon Russell, and Elvis Costello.

Does news of today being Pearl Jam’s 20th birthday make you feel old? Will you be tuning into the new Pearl Jam satellite radio station?

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