Jennifer Lopez “loving” her Idol gig


Jennifer Lopez is happy so far with her American Idol gig, telling America on CBS’ “The Talk” that she’s “loving it.”

MTV reported on Tuesday the American Idol judge who sits at the table alongside Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler said: “[Critiquing the bad singers is] the easy part… I’m loving it. It’s so much fun. When it goes live I’ll be home for, like, five months. It’s been great.”

MTV reports that JLo continued the love fest saying “I love everybody. It’s such a machine. It runs like clockwork. I love [executive producer] Nigel [Lythgoe]. I love Ryan [Seacrest]. I love Steven [Tyler]. I love Randy [Jackson]. Everything’s great!”

All in all, the only trouble JLo has is when a contestant isn’t quite good enough to go through, but not bad enough for an early out. She said: “It’s easy when they’re really good and it’s easy when they’re really bad,” she said. “It’s when they’re in the middle. It’s a really hard process. It just depends how you are in the audition.” However, she did poing out that it’s very indicative of the industry which runs on either looks or talent saying: “I think it is a good depiction of how the business is. I think it’s just fast-forward.”

What do you think of the love fest JLo described? How long do you think the honeymoon phase will last for JLo and her fellow judges and producers? Do you think it will make for boring TV if there is no friction between the judges?

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Kanye West admits to past struggles with suicidal thoughts


Last night Kanye West publicly admitted to struggling with suicidal thoughts at a screening for his 35-minute film “Runaway,” which will be premiering simultaneously on MTV, VH1, and BET this weekend.

However, don’t expect Kanye to take action on those thoughts as he said he personally feels responsible to make a meaningful contribution to today’s pop culture. 

Billboard reports that after describing himself as a pop icon and “soldier for culture,” West said “there were times that I contemplated suicide.” However, Kanye affirmed he’s past that dark point saying “I will not give up on life again.”

So what helped him with his internal struggle with life and death? West said: “There’s so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard” as loudly as his, so West said: “I do it for them.”

The 33-year-old star has struggled publicly in past years, with not only the untimely death of his mother in 2007, but with what West has described as two other parental figures that have passed in the last three years. Of course, there’s also the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 VMAs, but West said he’s past that saying: “Everything has been taken away from me. I’m so not … scared. I so don’t care.”

What do you think of Kanye’s revelation? Do you think it’s wise for public figures like West to openly admit to their struggles as a means to help others with theirs?

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DJ Lilly’s picks and predictions – see which artist she was even surprised to like!


Hey HP!

Well, it’s been another week of good and bad music. Let’s just start with the bad, get it over with, and work our way up. I did not like the new Nelly song, “Move That Body” (feat. TPain and Akon). I thought it was an awful follow-up single to “Just A Dream” (which was an awesome song). I also did not like “Love 2012” by 3OH!3 I actually haven’t liked many of their songs since “Don’t Trust Me.” I also didn’t like Maroon 5’s new single, “Give a Little More, I expect better from them. Another song I really didn’t like was the new Ke$ha single, “We R Who We R. Guess what, it sounds exactly like all her other songs (and the lyrics are really stupid).

I usually really like Jason Derulo songs and I thought “What If” was okay. I thought the new Buckcherry song, “Dead,” was okay too. I also liked K’Naan’s “Bang Bang, very catchy! I think Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock” will be a hit; but I personally wasn’t a big fan of the song. I really liked the Disturbed song “Animal” in the jukebox; it was nice to hear something new from them. It was also nice to hear new music from Seal, with his new single “If I’m Any Closer.” He seems to be trying to go back to his better days (“Kiss from a Rose” era). Don’t worry about the past few years dude, you are married to Heidi Klum = you still win!

I liked Lee DeWyze’s new single, “Sweet Serendipity” – and that’s coming from a Crystal Bowersox fan! I like his sound in this song and I like the lyrics. I loved the new Jewel single, “No Good in Goodbye” and I hope it becomes a huge hit. I also really liked Superchick’s “Still Here.” I have always loved their music and I thought this song had to be in the jukebox.

That’s all for this week; but tune in next week for the review of the new Taryn Manning single, “Spotlight”, which Taryn is sending to Resolution Radio TODAY! I will also have plenty of other songs to rate, and things to say! If you want to get to know me better, shoot me an e-mail at! Don’t forget to tune into Resolution Radio every Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, (and some Saturday) nights at 9 p.m. Eastern! The more listeners and support we get, the more shows we can do! Also, if you are an unsigned artist, and we choose you as “Artist of the Week”, you have a chance to do an interview with HitPredictor! PS: Kim Caldwell read my blog from last week and so did Alana Grace – I appreciate all the support I have gotten from everyone and I hope you continue to read them! I also like hearing your opinions; just keep in mind that I am very opinionated too-lol. Have a great week!

– DJ Lilly, Owner of Resolution Radio

Hidden song contest nominees – play and win for bonus points!


Hey now! Are you ready for a new hidden song contest for some fun and easy bonus points? Well, I hope so because we have another one ready to go! Hands down, the hidden song contest is THE best way to earn extra points for prizes at HitPredictor, so let’s get to it!

For each song you find and correctly report in during the contest window, which runs through 3 p.m. EDT Oct. 21, you will receive a 25 point reward, and an entry into the drawing for 250 more!

To participate, all you need to do is report each of the hidden songs you find from the list below by the 3 p.m. EDT Oct. 21 deadline (via Twitter to @hitpredictor or e-mail* for those who don’t Tweet) to earn the 25 point reward per correct song. Then, on Thursday, we will give away an additional reward of 250 points per contest song! These awards are given out to one random winner (entrant) for each song! For those who don’t use Twitter, you can send your entry to me via e-mail at maijaliisa [at] Please remember to include your HitPredictor username!

Here are the member-submitted nominations for this week’s contest – can you find the hidden songs?

  • Gnarls Barkley “Would Be Killer”
  • Superchick “Courage”
  • Gin Wigmore “These Roses”
  • Aqualung “Lost”
  • Jack Dolgen “Our Light”
  • Blaine Larsen “Leavin”
  • Bruno Mars “Talking to the Moon”
  • Hollowick “There Goes Another One”
  • Keith Urban “Put You In A Song”
  • Matt Hires “O Sunrise”
  • Far East Movement feat Keri Hilson “Don’t Look Now”
  • Far East Movement feat Ryan Tedder “Rocketeer”
  • David Archuleta “Elevator”
  • Taylor Swift “Back To December”
  • Jessie James “Dear John”
  • Brendan James “Anything For You”
  • Dirt Nasty feat. LMFAO “I Can’t Dance”
  • Brian Davis “Pull up a Tailgate”

Thanks to the healthy list of great nominations, we will again be having another special members’ picks this Friday – songs from the nominations list this week that we think deserve attention but weren’t in the contest – which you’ll see outlined on the blog and hear in the HitPredictor jukebox! Will your pick be one in the contest or one on Friday? The only way to find out is to listen!

Thanks again to all of the HitPredictor members who took the time to send in nominations this week! Please remember, if your nomination wasn’t picked this week, you can submit it again! You guys are a great source of new music for us and we love to know what YOU are listening to before it hits the airwaves!

Remember, it is your nominations that make this contest possible so keep it up by submitting nominations each and every week on our Facebook Fan Page or e-mailing them to me at maijaliisa [at] The members whose nominations made it into the jukebox in this week’s contest will be rewarded with 25 bonus points on Thursday, those whose picks make it in on Friday will receive points at the end of the week.

Please note that points for the contest will not be awarded to your account until after 3 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 21 for any entries.

Let me know if you have any questions – otherwise get busy rating music for the chance to earn bonus points and win even more!

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Please note that late entries will NOT be accepted!