West to make an appearance in La Roux’s “In For The Kill” remix!


Although Kanye West hasn’t revealed too many details about the artists he collaborated with for his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, La Roux’s frontwoman Elly Jackson let it slip that she’s been working with the rapper recently.

Jackson told MTV while on set filming her new video In For the Kill” remix that West makes an appearance on the remix track!

She said: “We [she and bandmate Ben Langmaid] have a special kind of performance with Kanye West, and we shot him earlier. I’ve been doing stuff with him the last couple days. He did a rap on the second verse. We’re going to do two versions where you’ve got the original, just like it was in the U.K., and then you’ll have the Kanye West version, which will be a hyped-up Kanye West kind of feeling to it.”

West will also be making an appearance in the video. Talking about the video Jackson said “[The setting is] very slick but quite seedy. [You’re] not quite sure what is going on in a lot of it, but it’s got some amazing visuals, some amazing characters.”

Jackson noted that working with the famed rapper was a great experience saying a”He’s a very exciting person to be around. He’s a special breed of person. He’s not quite like anyone I’ve ever met before. He’s very, very, very creative. He comes up with ideas every five seconds. We’ve had a very interesting three days. It’s a very interesting mix of things.”

Do you think there’s a possibility of Jackson returning the favor for ‘Ye and making an appearance on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

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