Is One Day’s Notice the next big thing?


One Day’s Notice is a young band (just formed one year ago) based out of the birth place of rock-and-roll that has already proven itself to be a winner, gaining a slot on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour and finding some radio airplay for several of its tracks!

We interviewed the band to learn a bit more about them such as what groups are they inspired by, what their creative process looks like, and how DID such a young band get a spot on the Vans Warped Tour so quickly! But, even better, we have three of their songs in the jukebox ready for you to rate! We want to know what you think of “Live and Learn,” “Those Days” and “All My Life” so read on to learn more about the guys, and then check out their music and let us know what you think at HitPredictor! Does One Day’s Notice have the potential to be the next big thing? Only your votes will tell us at HitPredictor!

One Day’s Notice Interview

How did the band form – or in this case, how has it evolved to what it is today?
Well we’re actually the brain child of guitarist David Vallo who found bass player Justin Albaugh and singer Chris Bassitt through Craigslist ads and then brought on his drummer from a previous band, Ben Torres. The four of us have been playing together since summer of ‘09. In May of 2010 we decided to add a second guitar player to really round out our sound, so we once again turned to trusty Craiglsist and found Jesea Lee.

Where is home base for you? Are you originally from the area? What’s the music scene like there – supportive of your type of music, or do you travel a lot?

We’re based out of Cleveland Ohio, the birth place of ROCK, with all of us pretty much being from the area. There really isn’t a huge punk/pop punk scene in Cleveland at the moment, but there are a lot of really talented pop/pop punk bands, and together we are really starting to build up a stronger scene. We do, however, like to travel as much as possible to see what other cities have to offer and to show off our smoking hot bods to the world.

How did you gain a spot on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour?

We actually won the Warped Tour Ernie Ball Battle of the bands online, which was a pretty exciting way to win because there was a lot of anticipation behind it, checking the site every day, seeing what bands were being announced in other cities, and just waiting to hear if we were getting on or not.

What’s the Warped Tour experience been like so far?

Pretty incredible, getting to play in front of so many people is always a thrill. Plus it’s the Warped Tour, if you grow up listening to punk music, the Warped Tour is kind of the end-all be-all of badassness, so getting on it for the first time has been really cool. Getting to see the whole magnitude of the thing from behind the scenes is pretty impressive as well; it’s a gigantic tour with like a billion bands, so watching it run smoothly is really impressive. However, the only down side is that it’s pointlessly ridiculously hot, all the time, I think the whole Warped Tour may actually be a conspiracy to sell sunscreen.

Who or what would you say your artistic influences and/or inspirations are as a band?

I think we all have a pretty diverse musical background actually, everything from hip-hop and acoustic singer/songwriter to punk and hardcore and everything in between, and I think we draw on all of those genres, at least somewhat,  when writing. But of course we are heavily influenced by punk and pop/punk artists, New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, The Offsrping, Bad Religion, basically if a bands ever been called punk or pop punk, they are probably one of our influences in some way.

Which of your songs have hit the airwaves and seen mainstream radio play?
We’ve had a few songs get radio play so far, specifically “Those Days” and “Live and Learn.” Live and Learn is our first single and has gotten the most play so far on a number of different area stations, which has been really cool. It’s definitely a thrill the first time you hear yourself on the radio.

Do you write your own lyrics and music? If so, what influences you in the writing process?
Yeah we write all our own music and lyrics. I’d say we’re influenced mostly just by our lives in general, we don’t write anything crazy poetic or life changing, just about experiences in our own lives. Girls, friends, parties, beers, and of course a lot of our songs are about our bass player Justin and his dreamy eyes.

Pick a song from any of your albums/EPs to go in-depth about – a “single” if you will – and tell us about the lyrics, inspiration, etc.
I guess a good example of our “influences” would be the song “Those Days,” it’s usually our show closer and is still a favorite for all of us. It’s really just about remembering good times with a group of really close friends. Simple, to the point, but still meaningful.

Do you have any other projects in the works?

Nope, One Day’s Notice is really the only project for all of us, just putting in all our time and energy into this one project so that all our current and future releases go quadruple platinum.

Where can people catch a live performance?

Check out our MySpace for a full listing of all our shows, but we do have a few big Cleveland shows coming up, specifically a regional battle of the bands final at Peabodys downtown on August 22nd

Where can people look you up online? (List all sites for promotion here!)


6 thoughts on “Is One Day’s Notice the next big thing?

  1. HP Fan

    Cleveland is terrible right now for live music because the larger hitters in the scene like Scene Magazine and greedy club owners/promoters have destroyed it. Good for these guys for breaking out of the crown jewel of the rust belt.

  2. Ohio Rocker

    It’s ashame they are playing Peabody’s and one of those battle of the bands things. That’s the one thing mentioned above that is killing off the Cleveland Scene. 10 bands on a bill and the band that sells the most tickets gets the better slot – plus the battle of the bands shows at Peabody’s is what drives away the fans from outside of Cleveland. I used to go to Peabody’s all the time, but after getting burned countless times by having to watch 10 bands that didn’t deserve to be on stage I stopped going there and unfortunately, I’ll never go there again because of that.

  3. ODN is one of those hardworking bands that will break out of the Cleleveland scene and accomplish a lot. I agree with Ohio Rocker about the Cleveland scene and its promoters. This may be one of the last shows that One Days Notice plays at Peabodys, as they will be more focused on developing a regional and national fan base. It’s nice to see that people in the Rust Belt are hip to the scuzzy scene that exists in Cleveland.

  4. This band is f**king awesome! I’ve seen them live and their live show is really fun! I will miss the Lebron intro though, I doubt they will keep doing that! definately worth it to make it out to one of their shows. The guys make it a point to meet with fans after the show which was really cool too!

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