Simon Curtis adapts to changing music industry, releases free full version of debut album 8Bit Heart


Simon Curtis is an “unabashedly pop” artist, which, in its rawest form, has always served as both his greatest passion and inspiration. Simon has recently found a good amount of online success following the free release of his debut album 8Bit Heart, and with a loyal army of fans he has more than once become a popular trending topic on Twitter. The influences in his work are many and range from Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Madonna to Nintendo, science-fiction literature, technology and even opera! We have three of Simon’s songs from 8Bit Heart in the HitPredictor jukebox that we need your feedback on! While still unsigned, Simon is looking for bigger and better platforms to share his music on. His free release of his debut album follows the model of up-and-coming artists such as Drake, Mike Posner, and Dan Black, and we want to know if, like these artists, Simon has mainstream hit potential! So check out our interview with Simon below and make sure you rate “Diablo,” “Beat Drop,” and “Fell In Love With an Android” at HitPredictor and let us know what you think!

Simon is a Midwest native, born in Michigan and raised in Oklahoma. He began performing in musicals and operas at the age of 10, and it was as a young 15-year-old teen that Simon decided he wanted to focus his pursuits on becoming a pop star. From that point forward Simon has focused on writing and recording, inching ever closer towards his ultimate goal. Simon’s recent online success can be attributed to what he described is ultimately “a good product.” He notes: “At the end of the day no one is going to care enough to tell his or her friends to download some brand-new, unknown artist’s free album online if the music isn’t selling itself.  The big turning point came once I released the album.  People had heard a few songs, but nobody really started getting truly excited until they heard the whole album from top to bottom, as a single, cohesive piece of work.  I think once people started seeing what I could do it really made a difference.”

A large part of Simon’s success is undeniably his veritable army of supporters. He credits them with “the whole reason I am even doing this,” saying “they’re the ones who are making everything happen, the ones responsible for spreading the word, as it were… I couldn’t have accomplished anything without all of the people all over the world who have taken so strongly to my music and what I am trying to accomplish.” He also acknowledges that he wouldn’t have achieved the level of success he has without “an unshakeable sense of determination,” noting that “without it, I wouldn’t be anywhere,” because “you have to fight harder than you could ever imagine to make even the smallest bit of headway in this industry.”

Simon writes his own music, and put “my entire soul, mind, heart, and being” into 8Bit Heart, saying “I believe one can only really, truly write what he knows,” and noted that the tracks on the debut album follow the story of a boy robot which “is something very real to me, if not ripped directly from my life.” While Simon continues to promote 8Bit Heart he is also working on his second album, the so-called “8Bit Heart sequel”, along with a top-secret project with Britpop artist/producer Frankmusik. In the meantime, make sure you let us know what you think of his songs in the HitPredictor jukebox, and then download the entire album to listen to it properly from start to finish at, and keep up with all the latest news by following him at

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After one-year hiatus Ozzy ready to rock out at OZZfest


OZZfest is back this year, and after taking a hiatus in 2009 and performing only one show in 2008, this year’s tour seems massive at a full seven dates!

Mötley Crüe will be part of OZZFest this year, along with Halford, Devil Driver, Nonpoint, Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society, Drowning Pool, and Kingdom of Sorrow. Other acts that will be performing on a rotation basis include Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch, Saviours, Kataklysm, Exodus, and California Wildebeest.

OZZfest kicks off Aug. 14 in Devore, Calif., and makes six stops across the U.S. before playing a final show in the UK.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Ozzy talks about the reunion with Mötley Crüe, which he hasn’t toured with since 1984! “They’re good old friends of mine,” Osbourne says. “The 1984 tour…was the most fucking crazy tour I ever did in my life. I can’t remember it, but I remember I used to wake up every morning or come around and think, ‘What the fuck went on last night?’ And as the day went on I got informed about what the craziness was. Everyone keeps asking me, ‘Hey Ozzy, did you really snort a line of ants?’ Y’know what? The answer is that I don’t fucking know — but it’s very possible.”

However, don’t expect OZZfest to be a return of the crazy days of the 80s, 26 years can mature people!

Billboard reports that Ozzy is also considering an 18-month world tour to promote his new album “Scream,” which comes out June 22. Do you think he could handle the grueling life on the road, touring for 18 months?

Here are the complete OZZfest tour dates:

  • August 14, Devore, Calif., San Manuel Ampitheater
  • August 17, Tinley Park, Ill., First Midwest Bank Ampitheater
  • August 19, Burgettstown, Pa., First Niagra Pavilion
  • August 21, Hartford, Conn., Comcast Theater
  • August 22, Camden, NJ, Susquehanna Bank Center
  • August 24, Mansfield, Mass., Comcast Center
  • September 18, London, UK, O2 Arena

Will you be catching a stop on the OZZfest tour this year?

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BET Awards to feature star-studded lineup


The 10th annual BET Awards will take place on Sunday June 27th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and will feature the who’s who of hip-hop, rap, and rock performers on stage.

The event, set to be hosted by Queen Latifah, has a performance roster includes Kanye West and T.I. – both of which are stepping up their comebacks – as well as Eminem and Usher – with fresh album releases – who will be joining Alicia Keys, T-Pain, Ludacris, DJ Khaled, and Rick Ross on the roster according to in addition to previously reported performers including Diddy-Dirty Money, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, and Drake.

Among the scheduled highlights of the night is a tribute to Michael Jackson, which will be just past the one-year anniversary of his death.

The show will air live at 8 Eastern on BET.

Are you surprised at the depth of the lineup? Do you plant to watch?

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